Hacksaw Ridge

It should not come as too much as a surprise that Hacksaw Ridge, which garnered 6 Oscar nominations and won two, tells the story of a man of extreme religious conviction, testing that belief to its limits before performing miraculous feats to help the unworthy. It is, after all, the film which appears to have … Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge



If Casey Affleck gave us a study of grief delayed and contained over the years in Manchester by the Sea, in Jackie Natalie Portman delivers a superb performance conveying the depths of shock and trauma caused by loss in its immediate aftermath. As the titular wife of JFK, Portman riddles Jackie with a sense of … Continue reading Jackie


It feels like only yesterday that a gangly, wide-eyed Dev Patel was a religiously conflicted and randy member of the original Skins gang. Fast forward a shocking decade, though, and Patel has just won a BAFTA, and will be in Los Angeles as a genuine Oscar contender this month. As riotously fun and notoriously controversial … Continue reading Lion